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Well... fuck.

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Well ain't you just a bucket of smiles and sunshine today?
Yeah well.

... yeah.
I'd probably be more unsettled if I hadn't heard about this like six years ago.
What did you hear back then?

... uh, if you remember, anyway. :B
I just remember being real freaked out at one point because I heard that something real nasty was inevitably gradually going down and everything in the ocean was going to die and there was definitely some kind of poisonous or otherwise unpleasant gas involved.

If I remember correctly it was brought up during a discussion about how much I like to eat fish, oddly enough.

It had the same kind of "oh no we're all gonna die" vibe to it.
I think it was a topic in "An Inconvenient Truth."

Happy birthday to you!
We're all gonna die!

There is a chance that we won't all die, actually. If governments actually get with the whole "shit maybe we should stop being dicks" thing. Oh hell, who am I kidding?
That's in a few days, yeah.

and yeah we can hope to try and mitigate things. Hopefully.
I'm actually not that freaked out

I think it's just because I'm such a weirdo and have a strong "we're all gonna die eventually" and "you never know when it'll happen" mentality

either way, though, it still sucks
Well, as best as I understand it

It's not really as simple or as "tidy" as "every last human dies".

Anyway, equanimity is as good an approach as any, really.

and, yeah, it's pretty damned awful.
Sorry for the lateish reply by the way.

I am pretty terrible with leaving comments in a timely manner most of the time.
Nice to know I'm not the only one who thinks that way. People always think I'm weird when I express blaseness about end-of-the-world scenarios.

(Still, being selfish and unreasonable, there are certainly things I would like to do before I die.)